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Link Building Pricing: What Does It Cost?


Link building is a good deal for companies that want their websites to rank higher on search engines. It’s important when determining link-building pricing, however, to take into account the number and quality of links you can get with your budget so as not to overpay or underperform in terms of SEO results.


Pricing Scale


Link building costs can vary from $100 to $20,000 per month depending on the quality and volume. It is typically better to figure out a price point for each link in order to assess the overall cost of an outsourced campaign.


DR and DA dependent pricing model


Marketers and agencies across the industry use third-party scores like domain rating or authority as a benchmark to gauge website quality; however, these scores do not always reflect true site value. This is an imperfect system since it’s flawed due to a lack of transparency in scoring metrics.

Another popular pricing system set up by link-building vendors and agencies is dependent on DR (domain rating) or DA (domain authority). It’s imperfect because does not always reflect site although known fact people. However, well used 3rd party metric score which benchmarks for the quality we marketers measure against but also create the impression that gives searchers false sense web page actually have high content helpful useful valuable information important resource provided reputable brand mark recognized company name


Studies on Link Costs


Since we’re a link building agency who earns money for this type of work, I think it’s only fair to reference other investigations and studies into what constitutes fair and average pricing in the link building game.

  1. Ahrefs finds the average cost of buying a backlink from a website is $361.44 (excluding labor and outreach costs) – See here.

  2. Siege Media, one of the most renowned content marketing agencies around, suggest a reasonable long term price per link of around $500 – See here.

  3. Authority hacker ran a field test on 5 different services, with guest post price points ranging between $150 on the low end to $1,000 on the high end – See here.


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