Can I learn SEO in a day?

Learning SEO can be a daunting experience. One of the most common questions we hear is “How can I learn SEO for free?" To make things a little easier, I have broken down my method for learning SEO into bite-sized chunks that can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Beginner's Guide to SEO

There's no better place to start learning SEO than The Beginner's Guide to SEO from Moz. The entire guide is free and begins with the most basic questions, such as “What is SEO?SEO?SEO? “. Read the entire guide once and you'll know more than the spammers who dole out spam SEO emails every single day. Those so-called SEO experts will know more after reading it twice. Those with limited time should read the Moz guide if they want to learn SEO.

  • What are the ways search engines make money?
  • What are their other objectives besides making money?
  • How will search evolve in the future?

In order to answer these questions, you must understand the history of search, which means studying the history of Google. Many good books are available on the topic. Among them are:

In the sense that they only cover the history of Google and search up until they were published, these are dated, but they're still relevant to SEO today, and even more importantly to where it's going in the future.

The only other book I recommend for SEO beginners is When Search Meets Web Usability by Shari Thurow and Nick Musica. Even though it was published in 2009, the book does an excellent job explaining the basics of search. Even an SEO expert will find it useful, but even beginners can learn the concepts and writing.

Getting to Expert Level SEO

Many SEO experts will tell you that they will optimize your title tags, make sure your site loads quickly, and do a lot of blogging and ask for links that lead back to your site. However, this is usually all the services they provide. If you only have beginner-level knowledge of SEO this will sound reasonable and you’ll have no reason to expect anything more until you fail to get results. If you invest a few hours a month, you can become an SEO expert yourself and then you will have the knowledge of what the people you hire to do SEO for you should be doing, and you can better gauge their readiness before hiring them.

Although there is no substitute for getting hands-on experience through trial and error, here are some of the best resources that can assist in building an expert level of SEO knowledge.

SEO Research Resources.

Several online publications are dedicated to SEO. Among the most prominent are:

There are too many good SEO bloggers to mention, but some standout blogs and bloggers are HubspotKissmetricsSEMrushBrian DeanMozBruce ClaySEO by the SEA, Barry Schwartz/Search Engine RoundtableSEO Book, and of course, the official Google blog.

Many mainstream publications also provide space for SEO-related content including STUCY WEB DESIGNSEntrepreneurTechCrunch, and of course, writers like Jayson DeMersJohn Rampton, and myself cover SEO here at Forbes.

An SEO expert

Some of the most notable experts in the SEO industry include:

Fishkin, Rand. In the world of search engine optimization, Fishkin's face is unmistakable thanks to his handlebar mustache. As CEO of Moz which provides tools, informational resources, and conferences for the digital marketing community, Fishkin is one of the most connected individuals in the industry. Follow him @randfish.

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